Title of Research Organization Name Requester Name Receiving Date Approval Status Approval Date Duration of Project
Exploring and Applying Paulo Freire's Ideas to teach Literacy to Students who are in Special Education or English as a Second Language Classes APS and UNM Utako Legler 29-Mar-2018 Not Available   Not Available
Engaging with canonical and nontraditional texts in high school ELA classrooms University of New Mexico Ashley Dallacqua 22-Mar-2018 Not Available   Not Available
Historical Traditions and Critical Perspectives: An Exploration of the Pedagogical Choices of Language Arts Teachers in an Urban, Diverse Secondary School University of New Mexico/ APS Annmarie Sheahan 22-Mar-2018 Not Available   Not Available
Teachers with GUTS MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program Dr. Eric Klopfer; Irene Lee 02-Mar-2018 Not Available   Not Available
Meaningful Math for Student Success Central New Mexico Community College Linda Martin 21-Feb-2018 Not Available   Not Available
New America Schools Alternative Accountability Study Cradle to Career Policy Institute, University of New Mexico Tom Dauphinee 14-Feb-2018 Not Available   Not Available
Statistical Literacy through Guided Block Play University of New Mexico Robert P. Giebitz 25-Jan-2018 Approved 01-Feb-2018 Not Available
International Early Learning Study (IELS) Westat Karen Tourangeau 23-Jan-2018 Approved 01-Feb-2018 Not Available
Raising the Bar for Student Success: A Comparative Study of the Effects of Traditional vs. Non-Traditional School Calendars on Student Academic Success Doctoral Candidate- Northcentral University Tammie Morales 03-Jan-2018 Approved 11-Jan-2018 Not Available
2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) ICF Alice Roberts 14-Dec-2017 Denied 11-Jan-2018 Not Available
Enabling Space Cadets: Quality Science Fiction for Children Independent Researcher Emily Midkiff 11-Dec-2017 Approved with suggestions 11-Jan-2018 Not Available
Ethnic Studies Education and Health University of New Mexico Nancy Lopez 30-Nov-2017 Approved 07-Dec-2017 Not Available
A Quantitative Analysis of the 2016 New Mexico Alternate Performance Assessment of the Elementary Grade Sub-Tests within a Large New Mexico Public School District as it Compares to the 2015 and 2017 Adminstered Alternate Assessments Albuquerque Public Schools David Varland 29-Nov-2017 Approved with Clarifications 07-Dec-2017 Not Available
Student Attitudes and Algebra: Examining Students' Lived Experiences in a Social Constructivist Algebra Classroom New Mexico Stae University Pamela Hayward 28-Nov-2017 Approved 11-Jan-2018 Not Available
Reclaiming Agency: Teacher and Student Decision Making in Creating Curriculum University of New Mexico Richard Meyer 20-Nov-2017 Approved 07-Dec-2017 Not Available
National Council on Teacher Quality Teacher Attendance Study (Working title) National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) Hannah Putman 24-Oct-2017 Approved 07-Dec-2017 Not Available
Reclaiming Agency: Teacher and Student Decision Making in Creating Curriculum University of New Mexico Richard Meyers 20-Oct-2017 Denied 02-Nov-2017 Not Available
2018 National Survey of Science and Mathematics (NSSME) Westat Cindy Gray 03-Oct-2017 Approved 02-Nov-2017 Not Available
Monitoring the Future: a continuing study of American youth Institute of Social Research at the University of Michigan Richard Miech 26-Sep-2017 Denied 09-Oct-2017 Not Available
Leadership Schools Alternative Accountability Study UNM-Center for Education Policy Research Tom Dauphinee 26-Sep-2017 Approved 11-Jan-2018 Not Available
Middle Grades Longitudinal Study of 2017-18 (MGLS:2017) RTI International Dan Pratt 28-Aug-2017 Approved 15-Sep-2017 Not Available
A Correlational study investigating wheather school counseling interventions affect academic achievement and behavior refferrals within schools. Argosy University Catrena Craig 24-Aug-2017 Denied 07-Sep-2017 Not Available
APS Military Department Students Evaluation (AIMS Grant, DiDEA) UNM-CEPR Tom Dauphinee 08-Aug-2017 Approved 07-Sep-2017 Not Available
Prevention of Teen Pregnancy through Screening and Brief Intervention in Primary Care Confidential Services Study University of New Mexico School of Medicine Andres Plaza 07-Aug-2017 Denied 07-Sep-2017 Not Available
Annual Strateiges for Success in Middle and High School Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation Martha Waller 04-Aug-2017 Denied 17-Sep-2017 Not Available
Working Conditions in Self-Contained Classes for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Boston University Elizabeth Bettini 31-Jul-2017 Approved 15-Sep-2017 Not Available
Summary of ACT Scores in NM UNM Combined BA/MD Degree Program Tamera Clover 12-Jul-2017 Approved 18-Sep-2017 Not Available
2017-2018 Data Analysis of New Mexico Children's Body Mass Index New Mexico Department of Health Rita Condon 27-Jun-2017 Approved 06-Jul-2017 Not Available
New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey (High School and Middle School) University of New Mexico on behalf of the New Mexico Department of Health Linda Penaloza 08-Jun-2017 Approved 06-Jul-2017 Not Available
An Examination of the Difference Between Verbal and Nonverbal Scores of the New Mexico Alternate Performance Assessment at the Elementary Level Albuquerque Public Schools David Varland 07-Jun-2017 Denied 06-Jul-2017 Not Available
Study of feedback for Teachers Based on Classroom Videos Mathematica Susanne James-Burdumy 18-May-2017 Denied 01-Jun-2017 Not Available
2017-18 School Survey on Crime and Safety (SSOCS:2018) National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), United States Department of Education Rachel Hansen 08-May-2017 Denied 01-Jun-2017 Not Available
National Teacher and Principal Survey (NTPS), 2017-18 National Center for Education Statstics (NCES), United States Department of Education Amy Ho 08-May-2017 Approved 01-Jun-2017 Not Available
National Board Certified Teacher Impact Study American Institute for Research David Manzeske 27-Apr-2017 Denied 15-May-2017 Not Available
Math Problem Solving and Congnitive Growth in English Language Learners: Bridging the Achievement Gap University of New Mexico Lee Swanson 18-Apr-2017 Approved 07-Jun-2016 Not Available
Body Image of Mothers and Their Preadolescent Daughters University of New Mexico Jane Smith and Sarah Erickson 07-Apr-2017 Denied 15-May-2017 Not Available
Middle School Music Survey Aps/UNM Doctoral Student Alan Lambert 30-Mar-2017 Conditional 06-Apr-2017 Not Available
The Influences of a Mariachi Education Program on Academic Achievement and Student Engagement, with a Focus on Latinx Students University of the Pacific Victoria Smith 29-Mar-2017 Approved 06-Apr-2017 Not Available
Word by Word: Supporting Sentence Development for Children who use AAC UNM Cathy Binger 27-Mar-2017 Approved 06-Apr-2017 Not Available
Bilingual Gifted Mathematics: A Single Case Study of 6th, 7th, & *th Grade Students Curriculum & Instruction Billie Mathews 09-Mar-2017 Approved with Conditions 06-Apr-2017 Not Available
Thoughtful Gaming with 8th Gade Middle School Students University of New Mexico Miles Harvey 27-Feb-2017 Approved 06-Apr-2017 Not Available
A Critical Case Study of Parental Perceptions of Formalized Special Education Processes Utah State University, School of Education and Leadership William Strong 23-Feb-2017 Denied 02-Mar-2017 Not Available
ECAP Annual Report UNM Center for Education Policy Research Deborah Good 07-Feb-2017 Approved 02-Mar-2017 Not Available
Enhancing Early Childhood Instruction to Support Children's Self Regulations, Executive functioning and Rediness to Learn University of New Mexico Matthew Lemberger-Truelove 02-Feb-2017 Denied 02-Feb-2017 Not Available
Prevention of Teen Pregnancy through Screening and Brief Intervention in Primary Care University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Department of Family and Community Medicine Jennifer Hettema 02-Dec-2016 Approved with conditions 05-Jan-2016 Not Available
AP is for me: Leveling the playing fieldd in Advanced Placement Courses   Ashley Leatherman 16-Nov-2016 Denied 05-Jan-2017 Not Available
An Evaluation of the ORIGO Stepping Stones Program in Albuquerque (NM) Public Schools Johns Hopkins University Roisin Corcoran 14-Nov-2016 Denied 08-Dec-2016 Not Available
School-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Interventions for Children with FASD University of New Mexico Megan Griffin 09-Nov-2016 Denied 05-Jan-2017 Not Available
Pedagogical Listening: The role of the teacher listening in understanding and supporting students' verbalized struggles during whole class mathematical discussions (PLUSS). University of New Mexico Kersti Tyson 08-Nov-2016 Approved 08-Dec-2016 Not Available
Mindfulness Intervention to Support School Engagement University of North Colorado Sarah Groark 01-Nov-2016 Denied 08-Dec-2016 Not Available
Evaluation and Training of School Testing Coordinators Anderson School of Management, University of New Mexico & Rio Grande High School, APS Thomas Piper 25-Oct-2016 Approved with Conditions 05-Jan-2017 Not Available
Changing Perspectives: Working with Teachers to Create Integrated Literacy and Social Studies Curriculum to Increase Students' Persuasive Wrtting Skills and Civic Proficiencied University of Michigan William Toledo 19-Oct-2016 Conditional Approved 04-Nov-2016 Not Available
Validating the Schol Outcomes Measures (SOM): An Outcome Measures for the Students who Receive School-Based Occupational Therapy and Phsical Therapy University of oklahoma Health Sciences Center Sandra Arnold PT, PhD 03-Oct-2016 Approved with Conditions 04-Nov-2016 Not Available
Sexual Health Education In New Mexico Public Secondary School University of New Mexico, College of Nursing Elizabeth Dickson and Mark Parshall 07-Sep-2016 Approved with Conditions 05-Oct-2016 Not Available
Implementing School Nursing Strategies to Reduce LGBTQ Adolescent Suicide (RLAS) Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation Cathleen Williging and Mary Ramos 01-Sep-2016 Approved 02-Mar-2017 Not Available
Child Care and PreK Study Child Trends Kathryn Tout 01-Sep-2016 Approved 01-Sep-2016 Not Available
Should CCHS add a 9th Grade? College and Career High School Clair Toledo 01-Sep-2016 Incomplete Application 06-Oct-2017 Not Available
mTBI Return to Play Assessment Mozak, LLC Rick VanNess 03-Aug-2016 Denied 01-Sep-2016 Not Available
EDSCLS School Climate Survey 2017 U.S. Department of Education,National Center for Education Statistics isaiah O'Rear 03-Aug-2016 Denied 03-Aug-2016 Not Available
4.13 Understanding Connections Between English and Spanish Proficiency for English Learner Students in New Mexico American Insitiutes for Research/ regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Sothwest Brenda Arellano 20-Jun-2016 Approved 07-Jul-2016 Not Available
Retention of veteran Bilingual teachers in an era of intensified education "reforms" UNM David Wilson 02-Jun-2016 Approved 02-Jun-2016 Not Available
What Can We Learn from Middle School Science Fairs about Teaching Science and Engineering Practices? Science Fairs Under the 'Scope Education Development Center Inc. Abigail Jurist Levy, Marian Pasquale, and Jackie DeLisi 18-May-2016 Approved 23-Jun-2016 Not Available
A Case Study of Distributed Leadership in a Successful School Serving Low-Socioeconomic Students Northcentral Univeristy Phyllis Muhovich 14-May-2016 Approved with Conditions 14-May-2016 Not Available
Advancing Out-of-School Learning in Mathemaics and Engineering (AOLME) University of New Mexico Sylvia Celedon-Pattichis, Carlos A. LopezLevia, and Marios S. Pattichis 10-May-2016 Approved 02-Jun-2016 Not Available
Using the Aesthetic Stance to Achieve Historical Thinking University of New Mexico at Eldorado High School Heather Dahl 09-May-2016 Approved with Conditions 09-May-2016 Not Available
Herritage Language Education in Context: A Northern New Mexico Case Study Trinity College Dublin Sarah O'Brien 05-May-2016 Denied 09-May-2016 Not Available
The National Exploration of Emotional/Behavioral detection in School Screening (NEEDs2) project (The Name of the project as funded by the United States Department of Education is : "Exploring theStatus and Impact of School-Based Behavioral Screening … University of Connecticut Sandra Chafouleas 04-May-2016 Denied 05-May-2016 Not Available
Mathematically Connected Communities UNM Center for Education Polich Research Tom Dauphinee and Scott Hughes 03-Mar-2016 Approved 03-Mar-2016 Not Available
Completion of First Set of Analyses of Academic Performance of Athletes Compared with Non-Athletes in a Large Urban School District Sport Administration Program, Department of Health, Exercise, and Sport Science, University of New Mexico Alfredo Martinez PhD 23-Feb-2016 Approved 03-Mar-2016 Not Available
Privacy's Sociocultural Divide across American Youth University of New Mexico Myra Washington and Patrick Kelly 15-Feb-2016 Denied 01-Mar-2016 Not Available
Growing Teaches' Practices by Growing Teachings Conceptual Understandings University of New Mexico Casandra Sisneros 04-Feb-2016 Denied Approval 05-Apr-2016 Not Available
Sentence Talk: Grappling With Language and Meaning in Complex Text College of Education Tryphenia Peele-Eady 04-Feb-2016 Approved   Not Available
Culturally Inclusive Spaces of Learning University of New Mexico Teresa Drenten 01-Feb-2016 Denied 01-Feb-2016 Not Available
The Effects of Instructional Leadership Behaviors on Student Achievement in Title I Elementary School Grand Canyon University Robert Abney 27-Jan-2016 Denied 08-Feb-2016 Not Available
EDSCLS School Climate Surveys American Institutes for Research, on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education Yan Wang 21-Jan-2016 Incomplete Application 21-Jan-2016 Not Available
Be Vaccinated Bvac) UNM Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions (UNM-CASAA) Gill Woodall 08-Jan-2016 Approved 08-Jan-2016 Not Available
Listen to What They Have To Say: Middle School Student Voice Regarding Issues Through Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed University of New Mexico, College of Education, Department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies Erin Hulse 28-Oct-2015 Approved 02-Feb-2016 Not Available
Assessing the Role of Noncongnitive and School Environmental Factors in Students' Transitions to High School in New Mexico REL Southwest Ginger Stoker 16-Oct-2015 Approved 11-Mar-2016 Not Available
Male Teachers and the Ethic of Care: How Male Primary Teachers Demonstrate Caring University of Education College of Education Terry Morris 24-Sep-2015 Approved with Condtions 24-Sep-2015 Not Available
Does Age of First Nature Experiences and Frequency of Experiences Correlate to Positive Environmental Attitudes in Children? University of Phoenix Holly Hitzemann 01-Sep-2015 Rejected 03-Sep-2015 Not Available
Videocases for Science Teaching Analysis Plus BiologicalSciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) Chris Wilson 19-Aug-2015 Approved 19-Aug-2015 Not Available
Teacher Education Collaborative in Language Diversity and Arts Integration (TECLA) University of New Mexico Dr. Carlos LopezLeiva and Dr. Nancy Pauly 31-Jul-2015 Approved with Conditions 01-Sep-2015 Not Available
My Brothers Keeper Policy Review University of New Mexico, Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) Meriah Heredia-Griego 16-Jul-2015 Approved 27-Aug-2015 Not Available
Bilingual Education at two Urban Hish Schools: A Cross Case Analysis University of New Mexico Gabriel A. Gonzales 23-Jun-2015 Approved with Conditions/CONDITIONS MET 13-Jul-2015 Not Available
2015 New Meico Yuth Risk & Resiliency Survey University of New Mexico Linda Penaloza 26-May-2015 Approved 01-Jun-2015 Not Available
The Four File Folders Program Making Life Smile Organization Inc. Sheila Parker 20-May-2015 Rejected 01-Jun-2015 Not Available
Using collaborative work groups to improve teachers' use of evidence based practices with disruptive behavior University of New Mexico Deirdre Muldoon 08-May-2015 Approved 07-Jul-2015 3-4 months
Mathematics Teachers and Teaching Survey (MTTS) Center for Education Policy Research, Harvard University Heather Hill 27-Apr-2015 Approved with Conditions/CONDITIONS MET 17-Jul-2015 Not Available
National Teacher and Principal Survey 2015-16 United States Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics Andrew Zuckerberg 23-Apr-2015 Approved 06-May-2015 Not Available
A Comparative study Between High School Students' and College Students' Associations of Social Groups in School Settings with Music Genres West Texas A&M University Dawn Stewart 14-Apr-2015 Rejected 28-Apr-2015 Not Available
Implementation Evaluation of the Elev8 Full-Service Community School Model in Two Middle Schools in Albuquerque Public Schools University of New Mexico Center for Education Policy Research Ranjana Damle 31-Mar-2015 Approved with Conditions/CONDITIONS MET 21-Apr-2015 Not Available
A Comprehensive Research-Based Computer Assessment and Accomodation System for ELL Students University of California, Davis Jamal Abedi 31-Mar-2015 Rejected 21-Apr-2015 Not Available
Data Analysis of New Mexico Children's Body Mass Index Universiyt of New Mexico, Department of Pediatrics Envision New Mexico Jane McGrath 27-Feb-2015 Approved 05-Mar-2015 13 months
Supporting a School Community in Technology Knowledge and Use to Benefit Student success University of New Mexico (TEELP) Joseph Escobedo 10-Feb-2015 Approved with Conditions/CONDITIONS MET 23-Feb-2015 Not Available
Teaching Elementary Ecology in an Outdoor Setting: A Case Study of the Training and Practice of Informal Science Educators Texas Tech University Selena Connealy 05-Feb-2015 Approved 19-Feb-2015 3 months
AP Capstone Formative Evaluation The College Board Sarah Leonard 28-Jan-2015 Approved with Conditions/CONDITIONS MET 19-Feb-2015 13 months
The Class Maps School Study University of Nebraska-Lincoln Brooke A Chapla and Beth Doll 26-Jan-2015 Denied 26-Jan-2016 4 Months
Putting a Message in a Bottle for the Summer of 2015: A Study of Common Core Implementation Strategies Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University Thomas Kane 22-Dec-2014 Approved 08-Jan-2015 10 months
SNAP-Ed Evaluation UNM Prevention Research Center and Kids Cook! Theresa Cruz 24-Nov-2014 Approved 16-Dec-2014 6 months
The Impact of Written Text and Narration on Learning in Online Middle School Math Lessons   Lynn Nordstrom 10-Nov-2014 Approved 05-Dec-2014 1 month
Program Evaluation of Family Science Nights Sandia National Laboratories Amy Tapia 20-Oct-2014 Approved with Conditions/CONDITIONS MET 21-Jan-2015 11 months
Practitioner Research: Literature Circles University of New Mexico Eileen Waldschmidt 20-Oct-2014 Withdrawn 11-Dec-2014 5 months
Teaching Towards Change: The Influence of Teacher Education on Beginning Physical Education Teachers Use of Student-Centered Curricular and Pedagogical Practices New Mexico State University Kim Oliver 19-Aug-2014 Approved 05-Sep-2014 12 months
How School Districts Recruit and Hire School Librarians College of Information Studies, University of Maryland, College Park Jeffrey DiScala 07-Aug-2014 Approved 10-Sep-2014 13 months
Videocases for Science Teaching Analysis Plus (ViSTA Plus): Efficacy of a Videocase-based, Analysis-of-Practive Teacher Preparation Program Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) Chris & Molly Wilson & Stuhlsatz 06-Aug-2014 Approved 28-Aug-2014 21 months
Validation of the New Mexico FOCUS TQRIS and Authentic Observation and Documentation Curriculum Planning Process Child Trend Kathryn Tout 04-Aug-2014 Approved 14-Aug-2014 36 months
Instructional Practices in Physical Education Programs for Students with Disabilities North Central University Andrew Johnson 23-Jun-2014 Approved 14-Aug-2014 10 months
National Teacher and Principal Survey 2014-15 USDOE, NCES Andrew Zukerberg 17-Jun-2014 Approved 24-Jun-2014 8 months
Study of Teacher Preparation Experiences and Early Teacher Effectiveness Abt Associates Linda Caswell 15-Jun-2014 Approved 14-Aug-2014 12 months
Mental Training and Learning Disability UNM Eric Ruthruff 24-Feb-2014 Approved 07-Apr-2014 8 months
School to Family Communication: Maintaining parents informed about language development Wisconsin Center for Education Research Elizabeth Cranley 20-Nov-2013 Approved with Conditions 19-Dec-2013 6 months
Waves 2-4 of the National College Ready Survey (NCRS): Data Collection Mathematica Policy Research Timothy Bruursema 20-Nov-2013 Approved with Conditions/ CONDITIONS MET 24-Feb-2014 5 years 3 months
Analysis of BMI and school nurse data from students in a New Mexico School District UNM Elizabeth Yakes 13-Nov-2013 Approved 21-Nov-2013 2 1/2 years
Evaluating the Effects of Professional Development on Mathematical Instructional Practices Douglas MacArthur Elementary School Colleen Orlovsky 07-Nov-2013 Approved 24-Jan-2014 6 months
ACTION PAC: Adolescents Committed to Improvement of Nutrition & Physical Activity University of New Mexico, Department of Pediatrics Alberta Kong 16-Oct-2013 Approved 05-Nov-2013 5 years
Co-Teaching in Teacher Preparation: The Co-Teaching in Collaborative Schools Project (CTCS) UNM Department of Teacher Education Cheryl Franklin-Torrez 15-Oct-2013 Approved 22-Oct-2013 5 years
Interviews regarding Opportunities for Bilingualism in Preschool and School-age Children with Developmental Disabilities UNM: Department of Educational Specialities Julia Shcerba de Valenzuela 30-Sep-2013 Approved 14-Oct-2013 5 months
The Effectiveness of Co-teaching Teams in Secondary Schools University of Phoenix Shenja Jewell 12-Aug-2013 Approved with Conditions/ CONDITIONS MET 12-Mar-2014 1 month
The Support and Encouragement for Expression of The Circle of Courage Values by Special Education Teachers ALBUQUERQUE PUBLIC SCHOOLS- Indian Education Department Daisy Thompson 24-Jul-2013 Approved 11-Sep-2013 3 months
Demonstration of WAVE Reading Health Program WAVE: Volunteer Economy Foundation/ WAVE Reading Health Initiative Paul Shirley 11-Jul-2013 Approved 26-Aug-2013 4 years 9 months
Language Variation and Style-Shifting for Fifth Graders Dept. of Spanish & Portugese, UNM Mary Henderson 09-Jul-2013 Approved 25-Sep-2014 10 months
Common Core and the Impact on Teachers Preparing Students for College Literacy in a Linguistically Diverse High School University of New Mexico Todd Ruecker 08-Jul-2013 Approved 22-Jul-2013 1 year
Impact of Discovery Education Digital Services on Student Achievement Discovery Education Carmen Arroyo 20-Jun-2013 Approved with conditions/ CONDITIONS MET 12-Jul-2013 4 years
A Case Study of Math Recovery Modified for Diverse Opportunites to Learn UNM Lisa Tsuchiya 10-Jun-2013 Approved 13-Aug-2013 8 months
New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey UNM Prevention Research Center on behalf of the NM Department of Health and NMPED Linda Penaloza 28-May-2013 Approved 17-Jun-2013 4 months
US Case Study of Innovative Practice (New Mexico Study) Education Development Center, Center for Children and Technology (EDC) Light Daniel 09-May-2013 Approved 08-Jul-2013 2 months
Students with Disabilities and the Impact of Technology and Interactive Classrooms University of New Mexico Joseph Escobedo 09-Apr-2013 Approved 12-Jun-2013 1 year, 3 months
An Analysis to Determine if General Educator and Special Educators are Still Struggling to Work as Co-Teaching Teams University of Phoenix Shenja Jewell 02-Apr-2013 Rejected 11-Apr-2013 1 month
Student Voices: The Impact of High-Stakes Testing Research done as graduate student Research done as New Mexico Highlands University but I am an employee at APS Tanya Kuhnee 07-Mar-2013 Approved with conditions 11-Apr-2013 9 months
Elev8 Research for Action/ McClanahan Associates Merdith Polin 05-Feb-2013 Approved 15-Mar-2013 2 years
Mindfulness Training and the Development of Attention, Working Memory, and Emotion Regulation in Children UNM Eric and Julia Ruthruff and Keller 28-Jan-2013 Approved 07-Feb-2103 5 months
Instrument Validation Study UNM School of Medicine, Prevention Research Center Linda Penaloza 14-Jan-2013 Approved 24-Jan-2013 7 months
Program Evaluation for the "Risk/ Resiliency Assessment Project for Students" (RAPS) UNM School of Medicine, Prevention Research Center Linda Penaloza 14-Jan-2013 Approved 24-Jan-2013 6 months